• A Holo-omic approach to food sustainability

      A Horizon2020 Innovation Action 
    • Using the latest techniques to expand our understanding of host-microbiome interactions

    • Including the HoloFood Data portal, Workbook, training materials and the HoloFood workflow hub

    • Novel Solutions for a sustainable future

      Industry and academic specialists working to understand the interplay between hosts and microbiomes 
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      The 1st Applied HoloGenomics Conference organised by HoloFood is taking place on the 13th-15th of September 2022, in Bilbao Spain

    HoloFood - Exploring host - gut interactions in major food systems

    The production of animals for human consumption can be optimised by modulating animal-associated gut microbiomes.  These gut microbiomes can be manipulated through the use of feed additives such as prebiotics and probiotics. 

    However, the microbial responses to feed additives might differ depending on the genetic background and developmental stage of the host (= produced animal), as well as the farming environment. 

    HoloFood will use a holistic approach that will improve the efficiency of food production systems by deciphering the biomolecular and physiological processes triggered by incorporating feed additives and novel sustainable feeds in farmed animals. 

    Map with HoloFood partners locations and logos of institutions

    Who we are 

    HoloFood brings together 11 leading European industrial, research and academic partners from 6 different countries.

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