The final HoloFood salmon trial

    25.05.22 01:42 PM By HoloFood-KU

    A quick 3,5 years and a few fish later

    The final HoloFood trial took place in early May on the island of Dønna, Norway. Led by HoloFood partner Lerøy, teams from the Institute of Marine Research (IMR-Norway) and the University of Copenhagen (UCPH-Denmark) joined forces to complete the final stage of sampling with the assistance and support of LetSea who hosted the trials in their facilities


    The aim of these final trials was to put into practice the knowledge and information gained from all previous 3 years of HoloFood research. Testing the proposed 'HoloFood solution' within a real-life aquaculture setting will inform us how applicable this solution would be to implement outside of the controlled environment and into the real-world.

    Of course time constraints are always an issue - salmon are known to take years to fully grow. However, understanding what happens and impacts their initial growth is key to their subsequent success. 

    In the HoloFood salmon project we are interested in exploring how the fish and its' respective microbiota respond to the addition of sustainable feed ingredients into salmon feed compared to traditional fish feed. By optimising this balance, even by a small percentage, would greatly increase sustainability practices within aquaculture as well as exemplify the need for more holistic approaches in the future.

    Setting up aquaculture trials is no small feature and the experience gained from all previous experimental trials and sampling shone through with the expertise of the teams. Sampling for such a study requires a lot of precision and attention to detail.

    Huge congratulations to all the participants, partners and everyone in person and behind the scenes who helped us complete these!

    As we bid our last 'farvel' to our final HoloFood trip to beautiful Dønna, we are excited to share with the world the final results of the project!

    See below some photographs of the day!