2nd HoloFood Training course - 10-11th September 2022

    The second HoloFood training course will take place before our final year conference in Bilbao, Spain. 

    "Organisation and utilisation of hologenomic datasets" organised by HoloFood partner EMBL-EBI will take place the 10th-11th of September 2022.

    1st Applied HoloGenomics conference

    Save the date for the 1st Applied HoloGenomics conference organised by HoloFood. 

    Set to take place in beautiful Bilbao, Spain on the 13th-15th of September 2022. 

    HoloFood at COP26, Glasgow

    HoloFood partner Rob Finn was part of the EMBL-EBI delegation invited to COP26 to discuss how molecular biology can help address the world's most challenging problems.

    Harnessing the Hologenome for our Sustainable Future - a world microbiome day 2021 webinar (virtual)

    From the birds to the bees to the biofuels in the seas, harnessing the power of microbiomes is becoming increasingly recognised for its potential in solving the world’s most challenging problems. In keeping with this year's World Microbiome Day theme of sustainability, four UCPH-led holo-projects bring you this webinar highlighting how research of both the microbiome and the host animal, insect or plant can be used to explain the world around us with a new lens. 

    In this short webinar you will hear from four leading researchers about their exciting research tackling these challenges and how the microbiome can contribute.

    Hosted by the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics and co-organised by HoloFish, HoloFood, The Earth HoloGenome Initiative & FindingPheno.

    Harnessing the HoloGenome webinar

    1st HoloFood Co-LAB
    ​27th April 2021 (virtual)

    We believe optimizing food production starts with optimism, and that's where we come in! 

    Macro problems often need micro solutions, but that starts with the ability to see connections holistically in the unlikeliest of places. That can only occur when people with different perspectives come together to share the same vision. 

    Together, under the umbrella of the EU and a wide array of partners across research institutes and universities we've created a place for that to happen - at the world's first virtual HoloFood CO-LAB: a collaborative experience where answers are in search of questions, and where we don't show and tell - we show and prove.  The workshop is aimed at industry specialists from across the food industry. 

    This workshop is organised by: 

    1st HoloFood Industry Workshop

    TRAINING COURSE : HoloFood EMBL-EBI training course June 10th-13th 2019 (UK)

    EMBL-EBI with the support of HoloFood is running a Metagenomics Bioinformatics course. 

    This course will cover the use of publicly available resources to manage, share, analyse and interpret metagenomics data, including marker gene, whole gene shotgun (WGS) and assembly-based approaches. Delegates will gain hands-on experience using a range of data resources and tools, interspersed with lectures. Additionally, there will be the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing researchers in the field.
    Deadline for registrations 22nd March 2019.

    This course is organised by: 

    Course registration closed