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    Programme 27th April 2021*

    *subject to changes

    Morning Session - 09:30-12:30 CET - HoloFood and Holo-omics - The Big Picture

    • Chair : Mette Cantor (Chr.Hansen A/S, Denmark) - Welcome

      • Prof. Tom Gilbert (Center for Evolutionary HoloGenomics, UCPH, Denmark)- Life through the HoloGenomics Window
      • Dr. Rob Finn (Microbiome Informatics team, EMBL-EBI, UK) - title TBD
      • Magdelena Gajdzinska (Policy Officer, Research/ Plant production, food safety and microbiome, European Commission )- Research and innovation for microbiome
      • Prof. Paolo Trevisi (Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy)Perspective of the HoloOmic approach in the pig food chain: from lab to farm  
      • Shelley Edmunds (Center for Evolutionary HoloGenomics, UCPH, Denmark) - Introducing FindingPheno

    Afternoon Parallel Sessions- 13:30-15:00 CET

    Poultry - the HoloOmic approach - 13:30-15:00 CET

      • Chair: Associate Professor Antton Alberdi (Center for Evolutionary HoloGenomics, UCPH, Denmark)Disentangling host-microbiota interactions through holo-omics to improve chicken welfare and performance
      • Dr. Joan Tarradas (IRTA Mas Bové, Spain)Chicken experiments: key performance indexes (KPI) analysis, and sample collection 
      • Yada Duangnumsawang (Institute of Animal Nutrition, FUB, Germany) - The effects of age, gender, breed and feed additives on ileal histomorphology and gene expression of broilers
      • Dr. Dorthe Sandvang (Chr.Hansen A/S, Denmark) - Holistic genome knowledge – so what? 
      • Denis Chevalier (mg2MIX, France) -Natural additives solutions to ensure the wellbeing of animals. Feedback from a French "Firme Service" 

      • Q&A

    Aquaculture - the HoloOmic approach - 13:30-15:00 CET

    • Chair: Associate Professor Morten Limborg (Center for Evolutionary HoloGenomics, UCPH, Denmark)Unlocking the functional potential of microbiomes in the BlueBio sector
    • Harald Sveier (Lerøy Seafood Group ASA, Norway) Microbiota from a fishfarming perspective – what do we know and how did we address the topic in Holofood 

    • Prof. Martin Hansen (Environmental Metabolomics Laboratory, AU, Denmark)  - Global metabolomics to link host and microbiome 

    • Dr Lise Madsen (Department of Seafood and Nutrition, IMR, Norway) - Linking fish feed with human health 

    • Dr Torrun Forberg (BioMar, Norway) - Supporting fish health and performance through probiotic knowledge 

    • Q&A