HoloFood Resources

    This page provides an overview of the main outcomes of the HoloFood project that are freely available to utilise. 

    The HoloFood Data Portal

    The HoloFood Data Portal is a novel database, web resource, and federating Application Programming Interface (API) providing access to all of the project’s archived biomolecular datasets. 

    The HoloFood Workbook

    The practical guide to holo-omics is a compilation of methodological procedures to generate, analyse and integrate holo-omic data, i.e., multi-omic data jointly generated from hosts and associated microbial communities such as those used for the HoloFood project.

    Click here to download the report

    The HoloFood Workflow hub

    Computational workflows used in the processing of HoloFood datasets. 

    HoloFood training course

    Materials and presentations from the HoloFood training course held in Bilbao, Spain on the 11th-12th of September  2022. Organised by EMBL-EBI with trainers from the University of Copenhagen, NTNU and EHU/UPV, the course covers the generation and application of large-scale holo-omic data sets, such as those produced within the HoloFood project.