The Institute of Marine Research (IMR)

    The Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet, IMR) is the principal governmental institution in Norway conducting research and monitoring on marine living resources, the marine environment and aquaculture. This includes monitoring contaminants and biohazards in seafood (both farmed fish and wild fish), analysing the level of nutrients in different fish species, carry-over effects from feed to fillets, and health effects of seafood consumption. IMR is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Trade, and on the basis of best science provides advice to Norwegian fisheries- and food-authorities, informs industry and the general public. 

    For HoloFood the "Seafood in model systems" research group at IMR will contribute towards the salmon trials, providing guidance and expertise in data generation and interpretation for the duration of the project. 

    Main contact person:  Dr Lise Madsen, Department of Seafood and Nutrition, IMR, Norway