Lerøy Seafood Group

    Lerøy Seafood Group (LSG) is the leading exporter company of seafood from Norway, the world’s second largest producer of Atlantic salmon, and the largest producer of Rainbow Trout. The vision of LSG is "Lerøy in every kitchen", and each day supplies the equivalent of three million meals of seafood to more than 70 markets worldwide, as it exports more than 200,000 tons of seafood. LSG is a wholly integrated company, carefully following each step in the production from the salmon egg to finished product, with 14 processing facilities located in different European countries. The Group's core activities also include product development, distribution, sale and marketing of seafood. Its global sales network includes daughter companies in Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey and sales offices in China, Japan and the USA. 

    Within HoloFood Lerøy's R&D team is contributing in the design, implementation and generation of data for the salmon project as well as examining the commercial impact of a holo-omic framework within aquaculture. 

    Main contact person: Harald Sveier, PhD, R&I management, Lerøy Seafood Group, Norway