The 2nd HoloFood training course - Organisation and Utilisation of HoloGenomic Datasets

    HoloFood Final Training Course Successfully completed! 

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    Join us for the 2nd Hologenomics training course organised by HoloFood partner EMBL-EBI in Bilbao Spain, 11th-12th of September 2022 - just before our project annual conference! Click on the button below for further information and registration details!

    This course will cover the generation and application of large-scale holo-omic data sets, such as those produced within the HoloFood project.

    There is an increasing recognition that organisms do not exist in isolation, but are actually holobionts, composed of the host and the many microorganisms found on or in the individual. The HoloFood project has developed significant multi-omics datasets for both chicken and salmon, with a view to understanding how different feeds impact the gut microbiota, and in turn animal productivity. This course covers how to access and utilise both raw and derived data products, the workflow to achieve genome-resolved metagenomics, analysis of host variation, generation and interpretation of metabolomic data, and approaches to multi-omic integration to understand links between traits and genomic information. The HoloFood project represents a cornerstone of hologenomic research, providing a blueprint for how data from such projects should be archived, analysed and interlinked. As such, the motivation for this course is to highlight the availability and usability of the HoloFood data in further holo-omic analyses, either as reference sets to compare against, or as source data for subsequent novel analysis.