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Jun. 2023

World Microbiome Day: Open access HoloFood Data Portal can help create more sustainable animal feeds

Article in Nutrition Insight about the HoloFood data portal and its uses for sustainable animal feeds.


Jun. 2023

HoloFood Data Portal

HoloFood partner EMBL-EBI have released the HoloFood data portal - a valuable resource for research and industry stakeholders interested in further exploring the salmon and chicken data generated from the project.

Read the relevant article news story here: https://www.ebi.ac.uk/about/news/technology-and-innovation/holo-food-data-portal/

May 2023

Special issue on hologenomics in Kaskelot magazine

HoloFood scientific manager Morten Limborg wrote an article in the danish public science publication "Kaskelot" on the applied aspects of hologenomics within aquaculture and food production, highlighting amongst others the outcomes of the HoloFood project. The article is in Danish and distributed across Denmark, aimed at educators and those interested in science.

Further details on the special issue as well as useful resources can be found here

Cover of special issue in Kaskelot. Photo courtesy of Biologiforbundet

Mar. 2022

"A holistic view of the organism and its microorganisms"

Danish magazine Aktuel Naturvidenskab featured the HoloFood project in a recent article highlighting hologenomics. The article focuses on sustainable aquaculture as an example to communicate the science behind hologenomics to their audience.

You can read the full article in Danish here: https://aktuelnaturvidenskab.dk/find-artikel/nyeste-numre/3-2022/et-holistisk-syn-paa-organismen-og-dens-mikroorganismer           

Mar. 2022

European Aquaculture Society
(Vol. 47, No.1)

HoloFood was briefly mentioned as being at the forefront of salmon aquaculture hologenomics aiming sustainable feed solutions.

Building the industry-academia relationship is key to the future success of building a scientifically-informed future for aquaculture.

The article can be found here: https://www.aquaeas.eu/publications-new/eas-magazine

Aug. 2020

New Perspectives Paper

PhD student Lasse Nyholm Jessen and his colleagues from the HoloFood EU project and Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics at University of Copenhagen have published a perspective paper on the new possibilities of holo-omics in the open access journal iScience: "Holo-Omics: Integrated Host-Microbiota Multi-omics for Basic and Applied Biological Research".

Read the relevant news article: https://ceh.ku.dk/news/2020/the-holo-omic-approach-opens-up-new-research-avenues/

Apr. 2019

Project Press Release

HoloFood #1 Press Release
(available for download here)

EU flag

This project has received funding from the European Unionʼs Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 817729.